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THE "RIGHT" CUSTOMERS make you the most profit. Who are they and why should they come through your doors every week?

THE RIGHT MARKETING saves you money because if you follow our plan to a "T" you will see immediate return with very little cost outlay.

HAPPY EMPLOYEES reduces your turnover costs. Training new employees is costly and risky! Your name is only as good as your  service. Our events put money in your front line's pockets.

Want to learn more?  Call to schedule a visit from our qualified professionals.  1-877-DJ-TRIVIA

are you prepared to experience a company which works HARD for your bottom line?


Our newest game-show experience is a fun combination of TV Feud-style questions and Match Game. This fun live-hosted game show is fun for everyone, all ages, all kinds of people!


Ever keeping our eyes and ears on the horizon, we are constantly developing and testing new ideas.

Speed Bingo

A weekly Bingo game played at a fun, fast pace with nightly winners and a Tournament Grand Prize.

Let's Do Trivia!

A weekly, team-based trivia competition designed for success in the hospitality industry.  free bingo free trivia games trivia quizzesbar trivia games restaurant trivia trivia night



Surveys of American adults in our prime demographic show that they visit  a full-service restaurant for dinner about 24 times per year.  Thanks in large part to advertising and low-cost  meals, Americans tend to go to chain restaurants about half of those times.  This leaves you and all of your local competitors battling for the attention of those consumers the other 12 times through the year.  Do you like those odds?  Let us help you win the battle for local diners!

Would you continue to pay a company which was NOT meeting your expectations?  We're going to guess not. Take a look at our venue list. These owners and managers are just as unlikely to throw money at a failing proposition as you are. The fact is, there is a massive difference between our company and ALL of our competitors. Ultimately, we keep your bottom line in mind in the design of every aspect of our events. We utilize marketing and demographic studies to create games which attract the best customers. 

Anybody can fill a parking lot or restaurant seats, but are those customers buying your loss-leaders or are they making you money?

You want your parking lot full?  That's simple.  Charge a dollar for Yuengling pints.  But if you want to make money, there had better be a plan in place. That's a small hint at the myriad ways we work with you and your staff to make your business money and keep your staff happy thus lowering turnover.

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