How can i get your game sHOWS in my RESTAURANT?

We have over 20 hosts and are always interested in growing.  It perplexes us when we hear that 'trivia' or 'bingo'  is coming to a venue and we have not heard from them. We were the first on the peninsula performing weekly game shows and are the best at providing venues with top-quality events which also serve to meet the needs of venues. Why would a business hire a 'jack-of-all-trades' or a DJ who says, "yeah, I can do trivia" rather than hire the one company which specializes in making live-hosted game shows successful and long-term?  Trivia night is not a fading fad using our methods.

Evidence?  Sure - how long do you stay with something that's not working?  About ten minutes, right?  Let's take a look at our current roster and see how long we've been working with these established venues every week....

Fraizers on the Water - 12 years

Smith & Company / Abbott's Grille - 10 years (Now in 2 locations!)

Arena's Deli - 9 years (Now in 4 of their restaurants)

Smitty McGee's - 8 years

Grotto Pizza - 8 years (Now in 5 of their restaurants)

Bethany Blues - 8 years

Hammerheads - 8 years

Washington Street Pub - 7 years

Nicola's Pizza - 7 years

The Greene Turtle - 7 years

Delaware Distilling Company - 4 years

We are making a difference in dozens of locations every week.  We have a plan and it involves more than just trivia or bingo.  If it didn't work those owners would not keep bringing us back.  Would you?  Contact us: or use our form on the Contact page.

are you hiring?

We are always interested in talking to people who show a desire to host our games or write questions.  Are you outgoing? Fun? Friendly? Love music? You may be just the person we are looking for to host our weekly game shows! Click Here to apply, now!

Does my host write the questions?

Our game hosts do NOT write the questions!  Whether you think a particular game is too easy or too hard, the host is not responsible for the content of the questions.  Any and all questions regarding our trivia should be directed to the office via email.

Why can't I argue with the game host?

This is probably our most-asked question.  There are two major reasons and numerous smaller reasons why we don't allow you to argue with a host, even if the host's question or answer is wrong or problematic:

  1. Time.  Our games are time-bound and anything which may slow down the game or cause it to run late can cause our regular players to become dissatisfied and negatively impact their decision to come out the following week..
  2. Not all of our weekly locations offer internet services. To be fair across the board, the rules for one must apply to all. In the interest of fairness, no hosts are permitted to 'fact check' a question or answer during game play.
  3. Our hosts do not write the questions, thus we do not wish to create a negative experience for them involving a question or answer they had nothing to do with. We value our hosts!
  4. More often than not, when a player writes us to "correct" a wrong answer or bad question, it turns out they are either wrong or they heard the question wrong. Again, since time is of utmost import, in the interest of time we cannot allow challenges to slow or stall a game.

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We have the resources to provide you with the tools and training to bring Let's Do Trivia! events to YOUR area.

Whether you are a venue or a person who is interested in a franchise opportunity, use the form below to contact our office and we can begin the process of answering your questions and concerns.

Contact us: or use our form on the Contact page.

how long have you been doing this?

In 2000, when Let's Do Trivia! owner John Mixon returned to Delmarva after a 6 year jaunt to the south he quickly went about rebuilding the entertainment business he began in 1983.  This time around, his proximity to the area's beaches led him to investigate what sort of entertainment was already happening in local venues. The answer came back quickly... karaoke and very little else.  There were DJ's on weekends along with bands but apart from karaoke there was little else going on mid-week besides a handful of people staring blankly at television sets and an occasional open mic night.

While in the south John was invited to play a live-hosted trivia game which quickly became a weekly tradition.  Not that he was particularly great at trivia, he wasn't, it was the party atmosphere and sense of community which drew him out week after week.  Unsure that a weekly trivia game would work in the area John also pursued investigating the karaoke being done to identify where he could improve on it and perhaps become the karaoke king of Delmarva.  Fortunately for everyone, his cost analysis of the venture made it clear that karaoke was not very profitable for venues nor providers if they were doing things 100% legally (which, it turned out, very few were).

So, beginning in 2002 with Chilly Billy's on Rehoboth Avenue, a restaurant whose lifespan was so short many locals never heard of it, John began hosting live trivia.  In the audience at those modest, early games was a family who owned another area venue, The Dewey Beach Club.  Before long an agreement was struck and games at the famed Dewey Beach Club restaurant began in early 2003.  It was John's time at the DBC that Let's Do Trivia! took off and thus the empire began.  Over the years John and his hosts worked hard to hone the game and recreate, on a daily basis, the party atmosphere which first drew John to play live-hosted trivia while in the south.

Does my host write the questions?

Our game hosts do NOT write the questions!  Whether you think a particular game is too easy or too hard, the host is not responsible for the content of the questions.  Any and all questions regarding our trivia should be directed to the office via email.

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